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August 19, 2020: Full Conference Day AGENDA

6:30 am                     Virtual Platform Opens

7:00 - 8:00 am           Early Bird Legal Update

Labor and Employment Law Update

Presenters:  Lucas AsperJohn Merrell, JD and Sara Olschewske, JD (Ogletree Deakins)

Attorneys Lucas Asper, John Merrell, and Sara Olschewske will cover recent decisions and developments that Human Resource professionals need to know about in these ever-changing areas of the law, including workplace harassment, disability and family medical leave, changes within the EEOC and the National Labor Relations Board, and sexual orientation, age discrimination, and other matters pending before the Supreme Court of the United States during the 2019-2020 term. 1 SHRM and HRCI Re-certification Credit

8:00 - 8:15 am           Break and Sign In

8:15 - 8:30 am           Opening Remarks

8:30 - 9:45 am           Key Note Speaker

The Future of HR: Strategic Partnerships that Create Acquisition, Engagement and Retention Solutions

Presenter: Colene Rogers, SHRM-SCP, PHR (Colene Rogers & Associates, LLC - A Leadership Training & HR Consulting Group)

What initiatives does HR need to lead for future talent acquisition, engagement, and retention? With more jobs than candidates to fill them, organizations are looking to HR to resolve the issue.  So often, supervisors will say, “I never saw it coming”; when one of their emerging leaders decides to leave.  What were the warning signs and why did they remain invisible and undetected by the HR and more importantly the Supervisor? 1.25 SHRM and 1.25 HRCI Strategic Business Credits

9:45 - 10:00 am           BREAK & Mini Session Part I

Mini-Session: Secrets Exposed Part 1 - Successfully Hiring & Retaining People with Disabilities (Pre-recorded). Featuring Diane Thompson (Greenville County Schools) and Cheryl Johnson (Bon Secours Health System Project SEARCH) with Chris Sparrow (Able South Carolina).

Studies show that inclusive companies fare better in terms of business innovation, productivity, and customer ratings. Yet it remains a mystery as to HOW these businesses successfully recruit and retain certain talent pools, such as people with disabilities. In this session, you will hear from area business leaders that have peeked behind the curtain and found their way to include more people with disabilities (and other disenfranchised talent pools) as successful employees, thereby boosting retention, cutting turnover, maintaining productivity, increasing employee morale, and demonstrating inclusion to customers. Simply put, it’s not charity – it’s a business advantage that has been kept a secret until now!

Three local organizations in three different industries will discuss their challenges, successes and replicable inclusion practices. They will share practical methods and steps they took to remove barriers, increase access to a wider talent base, and reap the benefits in today’s competitive recruitment environment. Audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions and plan their own approach. An attorney experienced in ADA will also be available to provide responses to employment law questions. 1.25 SHRM and HRCI Re-certification Credit

10:00 - 10:15 am         The Benefits of SHRM - Dianna Sporcic, SHRM-SCP (SHRM)

10:15 -11:30 am           Morning Breakout Sessions

Breakout A: Becoming an Ally at Work Through Authentic, Empathetic, & Accountable Leadership

Panelists & Moderator: Nicole Andrews (McMillan Pazdan Smith architecture), Herb Johnson (Michelin, NA - retired), M. Jarrett May (Belcan), and Robyn Knox (The HR Business Connect)

This session will feature the perspectives of experts with experience in human resources as well as the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through a moderator, our panelists will begin with a discussion of authenticity and empathy as a necessary precursor to understanding racial bias and inequity. We will then move into a question and answer segment where panelists will discuss equity as an organizational process and ways to hold our organizations and ourselves accountable. Panelists will discuss what makes a strong ally and how to foster allyship among others. Attendees will leave the session with some actionable ideas for their own organizations. Attendees are encouraged to bring their questions to the chat for this thought-provoking session.  1.25 SHRM and HRCI Re-certification Credits

Breakout B: How Succession Management Can Transform your Organizations

Presenters: Caroline Fritz (Clemson Center for Corporate Learning), Gail DePriest (Clemson University MBA), Mary Alice Bowers (T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc.)

Have you identified critical resources and areas of knowledge in your organization? Regardless of the size of your organization, age of the workforce, or industry you serve, key employees hold critical knowledge that if captured would mitigate risk.

Expand your vision about what the word means, understanding that the process is a body of work where you will uncover hidden opportunities for process improvement.

Explore the terminology of succession planning and management, the knowledge capture and transfer process and how to get started with your own succession planning strategy.

Delve into a succession planning case study of a privately held company, T&S Brass, partnering with Clemson University to develop a roadmap and framework for a Succession Plan, including a knowledge capture & transfer method and a comprehensive leadership and change management program to build and secure the future of their company as well as ingrain the process within their unique company culture. 1.25 SHRM and HRCI Re-certification Credits

Breakout C: Help Wanted! How Artificial Intelligence and Technology Are Changing Talent Acquisition Compliance

Presenters: Bill Foster, Esq., and Jeanine Conley Daves, Esq. (Littler)

Talent acquisition technology is changing faster than the regulatory and compliance landscape. As innovations such as blind resume systems, social media recruitment options, and artificial intelligence tools seek to improve the talent acquisition process, they also push the limits of the law. This session will discuss how these advances intersect with the law, review client experiences in implementing these changes and suggest how employers can stay in front of the compliance curve in a fast-changing talent acquisition environment. 1.25 SHRM and HRCI Re-certification Credit

11:30 - 12:00 pm           Lunch Break

12:00 - 12:15 pm           Lunchtime Raffles & Games

12:15 - 1:15 pm             Afternoon Breakout Sessions I

Breakout: Managing Risk Through A Respectful Workplace

Presenter: Chris Gantt-Sorenson, Esq. (Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd)

This session discusses why traditional compliance-focused workplace harassment and discrimination training have been ineffective, suggesting effective training from an entirely different angle that focuses on creating and maintaining a respectful workplace where differences are not only accepted but welcomed. The seminar challenges attendees to think about their own biases in order to prepare them to do the same in their own workplaces when training their employees. It is developed for human resource professionals. Tools for performing a training from this approach will be provided and reviewed during the session. 1 SHRM and HRCI Re-certification Credit

Breakout B: What to Do When ICE Comes Knocking?

Presenter: Gus Suarez, JD (Ogletree Deakins)


Learn how to best prepare your business for an ICE I-9 compliance audit and investigation. Learn steps to take to prepare for an audit, what to do in the event of an audit, and how to proceed after audit results are received.1 SHRM and HRCI Re-certification Credit

Breakout C: The Business Case for Diversity

Presenter: Becki Haines PHR, SHRM-CP (hrQ)

Are diversity initiatives all about being politically correct or is there real business value? The business value of diversity in the workplace is an important issue that all employees need to understand. This training will explore the value brought to a business that embraces diverse backgrounds, opinions and cultures in the workforce. Participants will develop a better understanding of diversity issues, how it influences their relationships with others, and how to overcome stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. 1 SHRM and HRCI Re-certification Credit

1:15 – 1:30 pm             Break & Mini-Session Part II

Mini-Session: Secrets Exposed - Part II featuring Kelly Shumaker (PAI) and Beth Paul (Bon Secours Wellness Arena) with Chris Sparrow (Able South Carolina)

1:30 - 2:45 pm                 Afternoon Breakout Sessions II

Breakout A: The 21st Century Leader - Maintaining Corporate Identity in an Ever-changing World

Presenter: April Simpkins SHRM-CP, PHR (HRS&S Consulting, LLC)

This presentation examines the workplace challenges of today's organizational leaders against the backdrop of rapid change. Social media, remote workers, advanced technology, generational diversity, and social challenges that have made their way into the workplace. How can leaders maintain the organization's identity (culture, mission, vision and values) with an ever-changing community?

This energetic presentation explores modern-day workplace issues and provides practical actionable steps leadership can take to ensure they balance keeping up with the rapid pace of change impacting employees while maintaining the organization's identity. 1.25 SHRM and HRCI Re-certification Credit

Breakout B: Lean HR - How to Create Efficiencies that Contribute to the Bottom Line

Presenter: Karen Dudley-Culbreath, MBA, SHRM-SCP, LSSBB (HR Concierge Consulting)

Bravo, HR has a seat at the table! HR is now a strategic partner and is expected to contribute to the corporation's bottom line. HR Professionals will be introduced to a value-add strategy to create efficiencies in HR operations. This session will detail steps to streamline HR when partnering to eliminate waste.  Attendees will leave equipped to explore cost savings measures in HR processes that focus on continuous improvement:

  • Identifying Inefficient Practices in HR operations
  • Partnerships and Prioritizing
  • Leveraging Technology
  • Understanding Data
  • Designing Innovative Solutions
  • Counting the Savings
1.25 SHRM and HRCI Re-certification Credit

Breakout C: Workplace Wellbeing - Mental Health and Suicide Awareness

Presenter: Lucy Henry (First Sun EAP)

On Oct 10, 2019 the `National Guidelines for Workplace Suicide Prevention` were released by several collaborating groups.  These guidelines are a way for the workplace to deepen its awareness of mental health issues and their impact on workplace productivity. This session will look closely at these guidelines and will train professionals to understand and implement resources to promote positive mental health in the workplace. The training will also go through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's `Talk Saves Lives` program. 1.25 SHRM and HRCI Re-certification Credit

2:45 - 3:00 pm                 Break & Mini-Session Part III

Mini-Session: Secrets Exposed Part III Featuring Chris Spellman and Bain Stewart (Greenville County Schools) with Chris Sparrow (Able South Carolina)

3:00 - 4:15 pm                 Closing Keynote

5 Keys to Genuine Employee Engagement

Presenter: Tom Topping, SHRM-CP (Training Perfected)

Human Resources professionals play a critical role in increasing an organization’s bottom line while simultaneously impacting productivity, retention, profitability, and innovation. This program is designed to positively impact those key areas by revealing engagement and retention strategies proven to increase individual and organizational value. Learners will understand how to leverage engagement strategies to positively effect multiple business functions, while focusing on the target of achieving larger organizational goals. This program is designed to stimulate critical thinking and questioning around performance management while developing individual skills that will help foster an engaged workforce. 1.25 SHRM and 1.25 HRCI Strategic Business Credits

4:15 - 4:30 pm                Drawings & Wrap Up



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