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Greenville Society for Human Resource Management
Greenville, South Carolina


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A) Sponsor-led Topical Discussion - In-person or Virtual

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Estimated 10 to 20 in attendance $500 + Expenses if applicable * Pricing for in-person or virtual formats. * Sole sponsorship. * If fewer than 8 confirmed attendees at deadline date, event may be rescheduled to a future date or canceled with 50% refund. * Sponsor negotiates program content with GSHRM for mutual benefit. * Event is planned and staffed by sponsor. * Event is marketed by GSHRM. Expenses for Sponsor-led sessions could include the following pre-negotiated items: meal costs, refreshments, venue costs, equipment costs, handouts, technology costs beyond GSHRM’s conference infrastructure, accommodations costs, etc. Sponsor-led Sessions may be topic-focused or may be a product or service demonstration. Sponsor-led sessions offer ample opportunity for networking. Sponsors can choose to host an HR-focused topical discussion or can choose to provide attendees with an overview of the sponsor’s offerings. GSHRM and sponsors work together to select the topics, time frames, length, and the formats. Sponsors provide the discussion facilitator. Sponsors pay the sponsorship fee to GSHRM. Sponsors pay all other expenses, such as meals, technology, and venue costs, directly to the vendor. GSHRM has the right to accept, negotiate, or decline such proposals. Contact to arrange your sponsorship.


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